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M-Star Radar System

MGRM’s Radar System is designed to act as real radar that forewarns the management and governing body of impending issues / areas of concerns, wherein the health & progress of the Institution, its departments, programs or individuals can be viewed at a glance on multiple standards such as Academic, Governance and Research. It provides for early to very-early warnings thereby enabling prompt remedial measures.



Area/Domain Specific Radars

At the heart of M-Star Radar System is the indicator based scoring and bench-marking system. Performance Indicators are defined, maximum and minimum scores set, along with the optional ability to set benchmarks figures that fit the indicator. These indicators can be grouped under various areas, domains or standards to provide standards and indicator wise views.

Composite indicators can be created by combining multiple indicators and relating them through formulas and rules, thus helping define few high level indicators that can be easily focused and worked upon.

Individual Performance Radars

M-Star Radar System can be configured to act as individual Performance Indicator System, wherein Performance Areas (such as KPA or Key Performance Areas) are set, along with Key Performance Indicators within each area. The system provides the ability to capture scores by the individual, against each indicator. This allows the system to act as a results framework or as a PKA / PKI based Performance Measurement system. 

Live Rankings

M-Star Radar System provides a Live Radar, and hence for Live Ranking of institutions. Just as in a cockpit, a pilot can see the status of various measures that affect flight, so also the university, councils or individual institutions can see live:

  • the health of departments
  • the status of programs and even
  • Students and Faculty within them

In essence, this system can act as a Ranking System wherein any entity can be defined and then ranked against one another. This not only provides the ability to take immediate remedial actions but can also be used to motivate and trigger a healthy competition between institutions, between departments and between programs, to help institutions reach a higher level of functioning, performance, and ranking.

Various options in M-Star Radar System allow the system to function as an ‘Accreditation System’, wherein a star rating can be provided, against set benchmarks.